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Who am I?

My name is Bruno Rodrigues and I am a PhD candidate at the Bureau d’économie Théorique et Appliquée at the University of Strasbourg. My thesis advisor is Bertrand Kœbel and my co-advisor is François Laisney.

I started working at STATEC, which is the national statistical office of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in July 2016. I’m part of the research division and my main mission is assisting the researchers with data issues.

My hobbies are boxing, lifting weights, cycling, cooking and reading. I try doing this things while listening to FIP or Nightwave Plaza. I also enjoy learning about the R programming language and sharing my knowledge. That’s why I made this blog and why I am currently writing a book about functional programming, unit testing and package development with R. You can read it for free here and you can buy a digital copy at leanpub.