Econometrics and Free Software by Bruno Rodrigues.

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Who am I?

My name is Bruno Rodrigues and hold a PhD in Economics from the University of Strasbourg.

I’m currently employed as a statistician for the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Luxembourg. Before that I was senior data scientist and then manager in the data science team at PwC Luxembourg, and before that I was a research assistant at STATEC Research.

My hobbies are boxing, lifting weights, cycling, cooking and reading or listening to audiobooks, which is more compatible with the life of a young father. I started this blog to share my enthusiasm for statistics. My blog posts are reshared on R-bloggers and RWeekly. I also enjoy learning about the R programming language and sharing my knowledge. That’s why I made this blog and also am writing an ebook. I also have a youtube channel, where I show some tips and tricks with R, or rant about stuff.